My name is Natalia Safronova

I’m a Qualified Massage Therapist and have practiced for 20 years. Having previously trained as a nurse, I am well aware of the medical benefits a massage can bring

What I offer you

In my experience massage really does make a difference and I have seen a real change when treating people for a wide range of ailments. Massage is suitable for everyone. It is a great tool for releasing tension and creating peace of mind. I find that visiting people in their own homes is the best way to achieve this. I use natural almond oil mixed with various essential oils so you can choose the fragrance that you prefer.


“I have used Natalia Safronova for the past two years and have found her to be an excellent therapist. She pays attention to detail and will tailor her style of massage to suit the Clients needs. She has very warm Healing hands and in my opinion she is one of the best I have used. Always on time with a smile on her face and extremely Professional. I can recommend her to anyone and in fact have, and no one has been disappointed.”

Bonnie Lythgoe, Executive Producer

“At home massage is the perfect solution for treatments at home. Natalia regularly visits us and she is excellent. Gentle music helps a calm feeling and Natalia’s knowledge of anatomy is clearly apparent.Whether it’s a gentle relaxing massage or a more invigorating sports type massage, Natalia’s will give you just what you need. We never come to Portugal without finding the time to have an At Home Massage.”

Celia Mackay & Adam Watkiss, Theatre Producer

“Last week I tripped over and fell, jarring my neck and shoulders. Ouch! Decided to try a massage. Several good places to choose from in this area. Had a wonderful massage from Natalia Safronova. Felt so much better for this. She is to be recommended.”

Beverley Gibbons, Pinetrees Riding Centre

“I have known Natalia for a few years and have been lucky enough to have had dozens of wonderful massages with her. She will do what is needed for tense, painful muscle knots, or will give a totally relaxing experience. It is an added bonus that she is happy to give first class treatments in the comfort of your own home at very reasonable rates. She is charming and calming! I highly recommend her.”

Keren Kane

“I find a massage by Natalia important to my well being and appreciate having it in my own home. Lovely to see her cheerful smile and always on time. Then after a very pleasant massage under her capable hands I can continue to relax and not have to dress and go out to endure traffic and weather.”

Veronica Lieb

“After making use At Home Massage services, for some time now, I have seen great improvements in my general health situation. In particular the stiffness in neck, shoulders and upper-body. Also proper attention is given to legs and feet.If there is a specific area that needs attention, Natalia will tackle this immediately.After every treatment I feel like a young lad and look forward to the next appointment. I highly recommend her and her services. You will not regret.”

Jan van Groningen
Qualified Massage Therapist
Qualified Massage Therapist
Qualified Massage Therapist
Qualified Massage Therapist

My Qualifications

Faro, CEFAD – ‘Assistant of physiotherapist’

Albufeira, Health and Beauty – ‘Healing Massage and Complementary Therapy’

Faro, Profi Concept – ‘Massage Techniques’ and ‘Reflexology’

London, Training School for Massage, Beauty and Healing – ‘Advanced and Deep Massage’ and ‘Natural Lift Facial Massage’

Russia, Medical Rehabilitation Centre – Massage Therapist